Sunday, May 23, 2010

Done at the last minutes!

I am not lazy and I am good at time management. However, it is impossible to control myself this week when people seem to ask me to accomplish all my work of a semester in 7 days.

I spent a lot of time readings all the links and even print them out for reading when I am not with my PC. Most of the information and hints are very familiar to me. I do not mean that the reading this week was not meaningful, but it gives me another idea. I am pretty sure that I have known about 80% of them and applied the techniques for building interactive powerpoint many times.

I have an idea of why I do not try to focus on writing these experiences using my own language (both English and Vietnamese) to share with more friends and teachers who are not familiar with English. I bet that some people have done that in my country; however, it is better if the ones who do that focus on teaching and working experiences to be shared.

I posted most of my ideas this week late - at the end of the week since I have some things to do in the remote area where the internet access is quite difficult. I have read any of my friends' blog this week but I did view most of my friends' powerpoint files on our class wiki. I have just posted mine there too and spend time to write a new post before I head back to read the rest of my friends' discussion in Nicenet.

I have started the project, but I still find problems with the notion of "changes" or conduct some changes to the current teaching courses. Why? I am excited to work on a course of problem-solving skills which I am not teaching right now and it is quite difficult for me to modify it when it has not happened yet. Of course, I have some other courses right now. I am still confused to give decision on what I should do as I usually ask Deborah for what have posted if the posts are related to the course that I am developing.

I have learned a lot from my friends this week. They give me a different view of using powerpoint in teaching although it is somewhat simple to me. The other hard-working week is waiting and I still face a lot of problems with my current job because it is the last weeks of an academic year. Good luck to me and peace to all of you!



  1. Hello, Khang!

    Your post is very understandable for me, such as here in Ukraine we also have the last week of semester and school year. Our kids are going for summer vocation for three months.

    Best wishes,

  2. Hello Khang,
    Take it easy on yourself! You are doing great! We are all on the same boat. I had to defend my PhD last week.Thank Allah. Now, I am busy to my ears preparing the final exams for my freshman and second-year students. I still didn't start writing my project, or putting it all together. Like you, I benefited a lot this week, especially about interactive PPP and learning about interactive lectures.
    We will make it to the end!
    Hope my words made it easy for you! You are doing great!
    See you around,

  3. Dear Khang,

    don't you know that most people are better if there is some stress around them? You prove this is true, it's not just a myth. Don't worry, you managed to do a great job this week. As for your posts, and our posts, they are really helpful for us. Personally I learn from the materials the course provides, but also from your posts: I read them on Nicenet, then I read your posts and many times I try to put in practice what i learn from you.

    I wish you all the best,

  4. Hello,
    It's the first time I wish there were more than 7 days a week to catch up with the huge amount of work I have to do this week. I's been so tough for me this week too. I only sleep 4 to 5 hours aday. But it deseves the trouble. When I realize that I have made progress through learning new thing, I feel relaxed. It's now about 3:00 a.m. and I am working tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. GMT which means I have to wake up at 6:30. But I have to finish my tasks first and take as much as I can from the week before it's over, though it's already Monday here.