Sunday, June 6, 2010

A week to go!

I could not believe that I sent my final project and created two websites for the course as part of the requirements this week.

I started this week very slow on giving feedback to my friend - Susana and worked on my final project. As I mentioned in the discussion on Nicenet, I have problems with creating the pages on google sites. I have tried sometimes and had some blanks sites with my names on it. None of them seems to be mastered or managed by my limited experiences about using it all in one site for my class.

Although the course is designed for the future,I have no idea whether I will be allowed to teach the course using the proposed methods or not. I think that I have created 2 very simple web sites but they are mine and for my classes.

After creating the web for putting things together at one place, I try to study and practice using Hot potatoes for creating an exercise for a lesson of the course. It took me sometimes to do that and of course, I accomplished it again 2 days ago.

Then, I go to our class wiki and have realized that most of my friends post theirs there. I posted mine too and starting to continue working on the final project which dues today. I have learned a lot from my friend peer-review sheet and I use those information to fix the problems on my project plan. Although I have downloaded and read some of my friends' final project for references, they have different type of project as I am planning. I learn from them but not much as I expected.

Finally, I finished it and just posted it on the class wiki at the last minutes. I feel much better and hope that there will be less work for next week to relax a little bit. It was a very intensive course, plus interesting, useful, and productive.



  1. Dear Khang,

    maybe you will be allowed to teach your couse by practicing all you learned during these 10 weeks. Otherwise, I think that just by integrating some materials, or by finding authentic materials you can use in your classes is helpful. Now, you know how to do lots of things, and this is one of the greatest advantages offered by this course.

    "Play around" with your website, read the help tips offered by Google and you will be able to create the desired webpage. You don't need to have html knowledge, just work on a template and try out different options. That's what I did. It's a little bit demanding and time consuming, but it's a great experience, trust me!

    Good luck,

  2. Dear Khang,

    I too submitted my final project at the last minute. I agree that the course was intensive, but with the hard work and the group interatcitivy, I think the benifit was aslo intense.

    I am so relaxed and I am quite ready for next week. We are there already!

    Best of luck,


  3. Sorry for the typo. I was excited to post!!!

  4. Hi Khang

    I was very impressed by all that you had done.
    The great thing about your week was your strive to continue. You faced so many challenges yet used so many tools. I believe that is what enhances our learning and teaching. Don’t stop trying and looking for ways to use some of the stuff you had created. Have you ever thought of giving it to a needy school?
    I agree the past few weeks were quite hectic. I think my system will go in shock once at some quiet time.
    Wishing you all the best