Friday, June 11, 2010

It was just like yesterday!

Today is the last day of the course and we have no chance as in a normal classroom to meet and share feelings before saying goodbye. We do it here on our blogs for somewhat similar in a different way. I have mentioned what I have learned from the course in most of my posts in this blog and on All were great and useful and I have nothing to say more about the course or what I can learned from my friends and experienced from the readings and practice.

I wonder whether I can talk about something else, a suggestion for a better and meaningful course in the future from the University of Oregon. I am going to takk about it now.

I wonder if it is possible for you (my admirable instructor - Deborah) to put at week 2 or 3 or the course one group or class project. We, the class participants, know each other from what we share on Nicenet and our blogs. However, if you and the course could provide us with a place where you decide who will contribute to do something on that and the project will be doing at the same time with what we have done. At the last week, we have to give comments and refinement on our together-project.

Of course, it could be difficult if you do not have a clear instruction and share of work on doing it.

If we have done that, we would have an international-teaching project by the teachers from many countries. All of us can be proud of our product and it can be used in many colleges and universities with our names of the creators on it. That's cool!

So far so great! I plan to do the evaluation next week as usual to create a feeling of having the course for one more week with one task only.


Sunday, June 6, 2010

A week to go!

I could not believe that I sent my final project and created two websites for the course as part of the requirements this week.

I started this week very slow on giving feedback to my friend - Susana and worked on my final project. As I mentioned in the discussion on Nicenet, I have problems with creating the pages on google sites. I have tried sometimes and had some blanks sites with my names on it. None of them seems to be mastered or managed by my limited experiences about using it all in one site for my class.

Although the course is designed for the future,I have no idea whether I will be allowed to teach the course using the proposed methods or not. I think that I have created 2 very simple web sites but they are mine and for my classes.

After creating the web for putting things together at one place, I try to study and practice using Hot potatoes for creating an exercise for a lesson of the course. It took me sometimes to do that and of course, I accomplished it again 2 days ago.

Then, I go to our class wiki and have realized that most of my friends post theirs there. I posted mine too and starting to continue working on the final project which dues today. I have learned a lot from my friend peer-review sheet and I use those information to fix the problems on my project plan. Although I have downloaded and read some of my friends' final project for references, they have different type of project as I am planning. I learn from them but not much as I expected.

Finally, I finished it and just posted it on the class wiki at the last minutes. I feel much better and hope that there will be less work for next week to relax a little bit. It was a very intensive course, plus interesting, useful, and productive.


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Time flies while I was walking!

I have no idea of what is going on to my working schedule this week. I have been working very hard and still could not finish all the posts within a week.

Time flies. I spent the first few days of the week to focus on the first draft of my project and of course it was sent to my partner before the due date. However, I am still working on my partner’s first draft. It is still with me and I have a plan to give her feedback no later than midnight on Tuesday. I am interested in reading this project and hope that my feedback will be comprehensible. I am not sending it a few days ago because I am a little bit busy and confusing about my feedback.

It was terrible to travel to the city where I had the graduation ceremony in 8 hours. It normally takes 3 to 4 hours. I was exhausted after the trip and when I got back I have no time left for the postings. I tried a lot to accomplish at least one post on each topic this week and I am feeling really sick now.

I have spent 2 nights to read my friends’ posts and one night for posting my idea. The topic this week is very interesting to me. I like to study more about learner autonomy. I have learned about this notion since 2006 and I have realized that Vietnamese learners all need this kind of knowledge and practice.

No matter what could happen, I am posting what I have done last week (I mean week 8) and will read my friend’s blog tonight with a goal of sharing comments with one of them.

I hope luck will be back to me. I really had a bad week at work.