Friday, April 16, 2010

It is effective!

It could be seen that this week task focuses me on starting and refining my teaching course which I tried last week. After one more week, I think that we have done very well the class requirements - discussion - which it is quite difficult of may not work well in my college where nobody has started it.

I actually learned from different class situations and settings from different classmates. Every of them brings me the different senses.

At first, I think it is also weird that the professor ask me to discuss about different searching engines since most of my friends use GOOGLE.COM. It is great when we know and share to the group more useful search engines; however, passive students in my college may only use the search engines that I recommend to them.

I also see more meaningful tasks in the way that I will work on my objectives and soon will be the teaching project at the same time of learning the course. This idea is significant to my teaching philosophy. We teach students what they can learn and apply as a trial when they are learning. This level of acquisition could be seen as one of the highest one in the Bloom's Taxonomy. We do what we learned and we learn from what we have done.


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  1. Dear Khang,

    It's great that you are trying some of the tools with your own students - as you point out, learning by doing is often the best approach. I'll look forward to reading about how your project turned out!