Friday, April 30, 2010

It is somewhat harder but useful!

I have to convince myself this week that the tasks are quite difficult but very effective. I was worry at first that I will not have enough time to accomplish everything in time (The power has gone out for 16 to 20 hours everyday and we have a long 4-day off for national holidays).

I commented on a friend's post about the issues in teaching language which share a lot of similarities with the context of language teaching in my country. I have been suffer for those situations even when I was student at university. My friend's issues again give me a broader overview of the Asian viewpoints and attitudes to language learning.

I have not spent time to read my friends' blogs yet this week. I will do it soon and give comments tomorrow. After what I have done, I think I should reflect what I learned first. And the lesson plan is still waiting for me to do it.

Basically, I have learned that when I focus on writing the issues and the ABCD objective for my class, it seems that I understand my students even more. The actions give me more opportunities to think thouroughly about what I should plan and teach for every lesson. I find that learning more about the course which I am going to teach and what I have practiced for planning every week trains me how to do my job better. The tasks always raise my awareness on what should be done and planned.

I also tried to access and register to a free domain in the free pages that Deborah suggested me. The web page is useful when it introduces many free hosting domains. I will be back soon to this one and figure out how to create my own sources.

Again, everything is fine with me although finding some websites for my course of "problem-solving skills", particularly for reading and writing, costs me a lot of time.



  1. Hi Khang,
    I agree with you that these tasks have been quite difficult, but I am very surprised that I finished all of them tonight. There are many blackout periods derived from the climatic conditions all over the world. Sorry for that because it can discourage you to complete your task in pieces waiting for the electricity. The good thing is that you have good friends who helped you to finish your assignments.



  2. Hello Khang,
    I also find myself, like you, understand my students more after learning about the ABCD model. I haven't known it exists before this course. I also found the tasks tough this week, but only at the beginning. After reading and working hard to finish, I found that new windows of learning have opened in front of me. I don't regret spending this time in this course. It worth every single minute.
    Good luck with the power. We have the same problem. Maybe we a little bit lucky to have a tiny power generator.
    See you around ,

  3. Hello Khang,

    I join Hala and Zuly and you in agreement about the ABCD objectives. I feel they are really useful first of us for ourselves, then for our students - knowing about them from the very beginning, they know what we expect from them. In the end, they have the chance of getting their feedback and of seeing if they understood, or not, if the aim was reached or not.

    I am very sorry to hear about the power cut. I hope in the meantime things got better. It's very hard to be out of the work on this course for only one day. I had to go to different events since the beginning of the course and I felt I was a little bit behind.

    All the best,

  4. Hi Khang

    I must congratulate you on your very interesting webquest. I particularly liked your quiz and the fact that you listed where you got your pictures and videos. I've tried to follow your example but failed. However, I am not done yet. i intend to try again.
    I understand your sentiment about the ABCD objectives. I've never used it before but find it very useful. It's as if I see my students in front of me when I create the task.
    Hope things improve in your side of the world. Here in Namibia we hope the 2010 Soccer World Cup will not cause us any power shortages.

    Once again congratulations on a very good webquest.